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Fostering Interest in Research & Modelling of the London, Midland & Scottish Railway

The LMS Society - Midland Railway Coach Diagram Drawings Held

Click on the diagram number to open the drawing as a JPEG file in a new window from where it can be downloaded if required. This service is free of charge but if a drawing is used commercially or reproduced in any way we would ask that the LMS Society is acknowledged as the source of the drawing.

Diagram No Description
D261 40 ft brake-third
D262 30 ft first-class
D263 40 ft composite and brake composite
D397 3t horse box
D398 3t horse box
D399 3t horse box
D400 3t horse box
D401 3t horse box
D402 3t covered carriage truck
D403 3t covered carriage truck
D404 4t covered carriage truck
D405 6t covered truck for theatrical scenery
D406 3t covered carriage truck
D407 3t covered carriage truck
D408 3t open carriage truck
D409 5t open carriage truck
D410 5t open carriage truck
D411 5t well-bottom carriage truck
D412 3t prize cattle van
D413 5t prize cattle van
D414A 4t motor car van
D415 6t combined horse box and carriage truck
D416 5t milk van
D417 5t fruit and milk van with end doors
D418 5t fruit and milk van
D420 4t parcels van
D421 5t milk and parcels van
D422 6t parcels van
D423 4t stores van
D424 3t corpse van
D425 5t covered fish truck
D426 8t covered fish truck
D427 5t open fish and poultry truck
D428 3t truck to carry fish tank
D429 3t hound van
D430 5t fire engine truck
D431 6t long open truck for scenery
D436 59 ft first-class kitchen-dining carriage
D438 60 ft composite-first-class dining carriage
D441 60 ft first-class dining carriage
D442 48 ft first-class dining carriage
D443 54 ft composite restaurant carriage
D444 60 ft composite dining carriage
D445 48 ft composite dining carriage
D447 65 ft third-class dining carriage
D448 60 ft third-class dining carriage
D449 60 ft third-class kitchen-dining carriage
D450 60 ft third-class dining carriage
D451 65ft first-class sleeping carriage
D452 60 ft first-class sleeping carriage
D453 60 ft Pullman sleeping carriage
D454 54 ft first-class sleeping carriage
D455 50 ft first-class sleeping carriage
D456 54 ft composite sleeping carriage
D457 50 ft family sleeping carriage
D458 32 ft family sleeping carriage
D459 32 ft family carriage
D460 32 ft invalid carriage
D461 54 ft directors' inspecting saloon
D462 44 ft engineers' inspecting saloon
D463 32 ft officers' inspecting saloon
D464 32 ft officers' inspecting saloon
D465 32ft first- and third-class saloon
D466 48 ft third-class saloon
D467 54 ft corridor brake-first
D468 50 ft corridor composite
D470 54 ft corridor brake-composite
D471 50 ft corridor brake-composite
D472 54 ft corridor brake-composite
D473 54 ft corridor third
D474 48 ft corridor third
D475 54 ft corridor brake-third
D476 54 ft corridor brake-third
D477 54 ft corridor brake-third
D479 60 ft steam motor carriage rebuilt with horizontal boiler
D481 48 ft first-class suburban
D482 47ft 6 in first-class suburban
D483 27ft first-class suburban
D484 60 ft third-class
D485 54 ft third-class
D486 48 ft lavatory-third
D487 48 ft third-class suburban
D488 47 ft lavatory-third
D489 46 ft 7 1/2 in third-class suburban
D490 43 ft third-class
D491 33 ft 6 in third-class
D492 31 ft lavatory-third
D493 31 ft third-class
D494 31 ft lavatory-third
D495 27 ft third-class suburban
D496 60 ft brake-third
D497 54 ft brake-third
D498 54 ft brake-third
D499 48 ft brake-third
D500 48 ft brake-third
D501 48 ft brake-third suburban
D502 43 ft brake-third
D503 33 ft 6 in brake-third
D504 31 ft brake-third
D505 27 ft brake-third suburban
D506 60 ft composite
D507 54 ft composite
D508 48 ft brake composite and luggage composite
D509 48 ft composite
D510 48 ft luggage-composite
D511 45 ft composite
D512 45 ft composite
D514 33 ft 6 in lavatory-composite
D515 33 ft 6 in luggage-composite
D516 31 ft composite
D517 60 ft brake-composite
D518 60 ft brake-composite
D519A 54 ft brake-composite
D520 54 ft composite
D521 54 ft brake-composite
D522 54 ft lavatory-brake composite
D523 50 ft brake-composite
D524 56 ft lavatory-brake-composite
D525 48 ft brake-composite
D526 45 ft brake-composite
D527 45 ft brake-composite
D528 40 ft brake-composite
D530A 31 ft brake van
D532 31 ft kitchen car
D533 50 ft slip composite
D534 32 ft slip composite
D535 54 ft slip composite
D539 60 ft composite-first-class dining carriage rebuilt as a straightforward composite
D540 54 ft vestibule first-class
D541 54 ft vestibule third-class
D542 50 ft family carriage
D543 54 ft engineers' inspection saloon
D544 54 ft corridor brake-third restaurant
D545 60 ft third-class saloon
D546 54 ft third-class saloon
D548 50 ft corridor third excursion
D549 50 ft corridor brake-third excursion
D550 50 ft brake-third
D551 48 ft composite suburban
D552 48 ft brake-third suburban
D553 50 ft first-class suburban
D554 50 ft composite suburban
D555 50 ft third-class suburban
D556 50 ft brake-third suburban (5 compts)
D557 50 ft brake-third suburban (6 compts)
D558 60 ft composite dining carriage
D559 54 ft corridor brake-composite
D560 54 ft corridor third-class
D561 54 ft corridor brake-thtrd
D562 60 ft third-class dining carriage M&GSWR
D563 60 ft composite dining carriage M&NB
D564 50 ft corridor third-class
D565 50 ft corridor first-class
D567 50 ft brake van
D569 50 ft first-class dining carriage
D570 54 ft corridor brake-first
D571 65 ft first-class dining carriage
D572 65 ft third-class dining carriage
D573 54 ft brake van
D574 65 ft composite dining carriage
D575 65 ft third-class dining carriage
D576 54 ft corridor brake-first
D597A 59 ft special saloon (final layout)
D602 48 ft composite suburban
D603 48 ft brake-third suburban
D604 48 ft brake-third suburban
D605 48 ft third-class suburban
D606 48 ft composite suburban
D1046 54 ft corridor brake-composite
D1047 54 ft corridor third-class
D1048 54 ft corridor brake-third
D1049 48 ft lavatory-first-class
D1050 48 ft brake-third suburban
D1051 48 ft brake-third suburban
D1052 50 ft brake-third 8 ft 6 in wide excursion carriage
D1053 50 ft third-class 8 ft 6 in wide excursion carriage
D1054 48 ft first-class suburban
D1055 48 ft brake-third suburban
D1056 54 ft third-class
D1057 54 ft third-class
D1058 50 ft third-class
D1060 50 ft third-class 9 ft wide excursion carriage
D1061 48 ft brake-composite suburban
D1062 50 ft composite suburban
D1104 54 ft composite
D1196 65 ft first-class dining carriage
D1197 59 ft third-class dining carriage
D1219 48 ft composite suburban
D1222 48 ft third-class suburban
D1226 48 ft brake-third suburban
D1252 56 ft 6 in corridor third-class
D1255 56 ft 6 in corridor brake-first
D1272 8t covered fish truck
D1542 54 ft 1 in brake-third
D1705 68 ft First Class Sleeping Car


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