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The LMS Society - Coach Drawings Held

The LMS Society holds a selection of coach drawings per the following list which came to it from one of its founding members, the late David Jenkinson. These drawings were used by David during the preparation of his series of books on LMS and LNWR/WCJS carriages.

A few of the drawings have been scanned. A link will be found to those that have in the "Drawing Number" column below. Click on the "Drawing Number" to download as a PNG file. Be warned that, depending on the speed of your connection, downloads may take some time. This service is free of charge but if a drawing is used commercially or reproduced in any way we would ask that the LMS Society is acknowledged as the source of the drawing.

We now have access to a high quality plan scanner and the rest of the collection will be digitised as time and demand allows. Going forward the preferred way to deal with a request for a drawing would be to scan the drawing and make it available electronically. All common graphic file formats can be accommodated, please let us know your requirements in your enquiry.

Should a paper copy still be required please contact the Society's Drawing's Officer for details of the costs involved in the first instance. The drawings are in the main quite large and will cost in the region of £4.50 to copy (A0 sized - some might be larger and dearer) while postage will depend on the destination and whether the drawings are to be dispatched rolled or folded. Within the UK one or two folded drawings would be in the region of £1.75. Above that about £4.00 for up to 1 kg. Rolled, the drawings would be about £17 by ParcelForce or £6 by EVRi. All prices are approximate and subject to confirmation. For oversees postage please ask for an estimate - dispatching rolled drawings outwith the UK is probably not practical.

Please contact Jim Smellie, 15 Tay Crescent, Bishopbriggs, GLASGOW, G64 1EU
Telephone: 07771 956 643

The Society also holds a quantity of Midland Railway coach and NPCS diagrams.

Diagram of Midland Railway D436 Coach

Exemplified by the D436 First Class Dining Carriage above these drawings have now all been scanned and are available for download free of charge. If used commercially or reproduced in any way we would ask that the LMS Society is acknowledged as the source of the drawing.

Click here for full list.

Finally we have been given permission to offer an archive of material on the 1937 Coronation Scot trains assembled by railway historian and researcher Paul Isles.

Click here for details.

Company Drawing No Drawing Date Diagram No Lots Description Body Underframe Notes
LMS 1/1023 Feb 1928 D1705 381 Sleeping Cars General Arrangement (Period 1 68' SLF) Yes No Very large drawing
LMS 1/958 Jul 1926 D1705 297 Underframe for 68'0" Sleeping Saloons (Period 1 SLF) No Yes Very large drawing
LMS 11/266 December 1933 D1900 732, 865, 914 & 1046 General Arrangement of 1st Class 68ft Kitchen Dining Car
LMS 1202 1935 Sulphuric Acid Tank Wagon. 10, 12 or 14 Tons
LMS 5991 Sept 1924 D1765 130 54' CL for LT&S Yes No
LMS 6093 December 1924 D1778 Underframe for 50' Passenger Brake Van No Yes
LMS 6458 Feb 1926 D1747 246 57ft Bogie Corridor First Class Carriage (Period 1 FK) Yes No
LMS 7/809 31/05/1937 Diagram of "The Coronation Scot" Train Overall outline of the 3 1937 trains
LMS D11/210 12/08/1929 D1718 478, 525 68ft RF Yes
LMS D11/212 13/02/1930 D1781 543 SLC PII lot 543 Yes
LMS D11/223 20/03/1930 D1782 551 3rd Corr PII Yes
LMS D11/238 26/11/1931 D1811 617 RC PII Yes
LMS D11/511 10/06/1947 D2159 1499 1500 60ft CK PIII Porthole Yes Some underframe detail
LMS D11/550 18/09/1951 D2169 1574 65ft 3rd Cl Sleeper PIII Body Yes BR version of D1863
LMS D11/556 04/07/1950 D2166 1570 1584 69ft 1st Sleeper lot 1570 Yes BR design
LMS D11/565 02/05/1952 D2166 1570 1584 69ft 1st Sleeper lot 1570 Yes
LMS D12/136 Nov-29 D1720 490 550 60ft BCK PII Yes
LMS D12/137 Oct-29 D1795 491 519 60ft TO/FO PII Yes 491 TO, 519 FO
LMS D12/144 06/11/1934 D1781 525 543 68ft underframe Yes
LMS D12/169 16/03/1931 D1709 579 SLT PI GA Yes
LMS D12/253 November 1933 D1792 772 60'0" Post Office Sorting Van Yes No
LMS D12/289 03/06/1936 D1926 876 69ft SLF PIII Yes
LMS D12/303 08/02/1939 D1938 905 68ft RC Finish of Kitchen and pantry N/A N/A
LMS D12/745 20/04/1948 D2121 1439 57ft FK PIII Yes
LMS D12/839 28/02/1952 D2169 1574 65ft SLT Berth finishing N/A N/A
LMS D13/1281 31/07/1929 D1717 477 57ft BFK Yes
LMS D13/1813 01/11/1939 D1796 664 669 Stove 'R' Yes
LMS D13/1814 27/02/1941 D1796 669-703 Stove 'R' Yes
LMS D13/1841 11/04/1933 D1906 682 683 57ft N/C Third class Stanier PIII Yes
LMS D13/1853 24/10/1932 D1853 662 PO Van 42ft Yes 30304
LMS D13/1861 09/11/1932 D1867 703 PO Mail 30ft Yes 30391
LMS D13/2003 12/10/1944 D1921 741 742 etc 57ft C PIII Yes
LMS D13/2110 Oct-34 D1917 845 FO PI Seats N/A N/A
LMS D13/2274 Jul-35 D1937 883 POS 50ft Yes 30341
LMS D13/2450 05/09/1945 D1965 1000 1242 BTO Artic lot 1000 Yes
LMS D13/2451 05/09/1945 D1965 1000, 1001 etc TO Artic PIII Yes Truss underframe
LMS D13/2633 01/11/1939 D2008 1174 57ft BTO PIII Yes
LMS D13/2675 01/11/1939 D2007 1096/7 50ft BG Stanier PIII Yes
LMS D13/2678 21/08/1939 D2007 1096/7 50ft BG Stanier PIII Yes
LMS D13/3157 14/07/1947 D2046 1221 50ft Eng. Saloon PIII Yes
LMS D13/3344 05/11/1948 D2052 1297 1433 50ft POS Yes 30280 30282
LMS D13/4138 02/10/1948 POS Paint diag N/A N/A BR Issue
LMS D13/4246 Dec-49 6 wheel bogie (welded) N/A N/A
LMS D13/943 Sep-27 D1703 141,230, etc 57ft BT Yes
LMS D14/1149 I/25 D1778 218/9 405 50ft Pass Brake Van Yes Panelled
LMS D14/2651 Nov-35 D1947 934 69ft SLC PIII water feed pipes N/A N/A
LMS D14/4763 Jul-49 9ft WB Rivetted bogie
LMS D15/2566 24/09/1936 Express Dairy Tank lettering N/A N/A
LMS D15/3294 06/06/1939 Coronation Scot painting N/A N/A
LMS D15/4710 Dec-46 6" Letters (Full size) Word 'CAR' only N/A N/A
LMS D16/1541 Nov-36 774 57ft POS painting N/A N/A
LMS D16/1817 Oct-38 1148-53 1164 Cor Scot lines Artics N/A N/A Maroon and gold
LMS D16/2857 11/07/1946 57ft TK Painting Diag N/A N/A
LMS D16/2865 Jul-46 1488 60ft POS Diag
LMS D16/2938 02/01/1947 57ft N/C painting N/A N/A
LMS D16/3119 Jan-48 CK PIII paint lettering only N/A N/A
LMS D16/3120 Jan-48 C PIII paint lettering only N/A N/A
LMS D16/3147 13/04/1948 CK PI paint lettering only N/A N/A
LMS D16/3149 13/04/1948 FK PI paint lettering only N/A N/A
LMS D16/3214 18/09/1948 POS painting Late Fee lettering N/A N/A BR issue
LMS D16/3236 N/A Corridor coaches lettering only N/A N/A
LMS D17/1403 02/01/1939 1185 OCT lettering N/A N/A
LMS D17/2800 29/09/1942 No Smoking notice for windows N/A N/A
LMS D17/495 15/06/1932 D1870 42ft GUV Diag
LMS D17/961 18/06/1936 42 ft GUV Diag as Aeroplane van
LMS D17/991 05/06/1936 Palethorpes writing 21ft 4wh van N/A N/A
LNWR 1/320 14/04/1916 D264A 57ft Corr 3rd Elliptical
LNWR 1/58 03/06/1912 D240 57ft Slip
LNWR 1/679 12/01/1921 D131A 57ft CK only one built
LNWR 3298 2/11/1896 D268 50ft TK
LNWR 3572 30/7/1897 D138 50ft Tri Compo
LNWR 4438 13/7/1899 D216 50ft BCK
LNWR 64/9229 20/06/1907 D265 57ft TK elliptical roof
LNWR 64/9263 11/07/1907 D205 57ft Tri Compo Lav Brake
LNWR 6996 11/07/1903 D378 50ft Full Brake
LNWR 8708 13/08/1906 D133 CK
LNWR 8717 23/10/1906 D371 50ft American Brake
LNWR ? ? ? 42ft Dining Sal
LNWR ? 01/12/1916 D15 68ft Sleeper Framing LMS nos 491-4
LNWR ? 27/09/1879 ? 32ft Sleeping Saloon
MR MR_D467 D467 570 54ft Bogie Corridor First Class Brake Yes No Part 1 only
WCJS 1/108 01/12/1916 68ft Sleeper 444-451 LMS Nos 484-90 496
WCJS 1/80 Oct-12 W14? 57ft Corr 1st Elliptical
WCJS 1/86 Oct-12 D307 57ft BTK
WCJS 2/151 P8 42ft Sleeper Cove Roof
WCJS 2/157 17/09/1912 ? 68ft Sleeper
WCJS 2094 21/03/1893 42' Lavatory Composite with corridor
WCJS 3602 ? ? 65ft 6in Sleepers 142-6 265 489
WCJS 4/272 Feb-13 W1 68ft Sleeper
WCJS 5933 25/07/1901 W51 50ft TK Arc Roof 23 built (says 22 on the dwg!)
WCJS 5934 13/06/1901 D42 50ft BCK
WCJS 5935 24/07/1901 D67 50ft BTK
WCJS 5936 n/a D30 50ft Compo
WCJS 5937 06/07/1901 D18 50ft BFK No 256
WCJS 64/10017 01-Sep D26 50ft Sleeper Conv from Compo
WCJS 7864 21/1.1905 ? 50ft Sleepers conversion of Compo to 1st
WCJS 7890 02/02/1905 ? 68ft Sleepers conversion of Compo to 1st (1/2 and 1/2)
WCJS 7911? 20/06/1908 D27 50ft Sleeper
WCJS 8/110 11/07/1917 D83 64ft TPO 452-4 LMS Nos 30207-9
WCJS QVsaloon ? ? Queen Vic's Saloon
WCJS/CR/BR SK/CO/2/100 c1957 W5 Existing Layout of Saloon No. 45018 Yes
WCJS/CR/BR SK/CO/2/101(1) c1957 W5 Proposed Layout of Saloon No. 45018 (1st Proposal) Yes
WCJS/CR/BR SK/CO/2/101(2) c1957 W5 Proposed Layout of Saloon No. 45018 (2nd Proposal) Yes
WCJS/CR/BR SK/CO/2/101(3) c1957 W5 Proposed Layout of Saloon No. 45018 (3rd Proposal) Yes
WCJS/CR/BR SK/CO/2/126 c1957 W5 Officers Saloon No. 45018 Yes
WCJS/CR/BR SK/CO/2/127 c1957 W5 Window Blinds for Saloon No. 45018
WCJS/CR/BR SK/CO/2/133 c1957 W5 Layout of Saloon No. 45018 (as fitted) Yes
WCJS/CR/BR SK/CO/2/140 2/12/1957 W5 Saloon No. 45018 as fitted Yes

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