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The company now has 128 route miles worked by electric traction; this includes two new sections-one near Manchester and the other on the Wirral peninsula, and a projection of the services from Bow to Barking into Upminster. Saloon-type stock with air-operated doors was introduced with the Wirral electrification and it has since replaced old stock on the Liverpool-Southport line. This stock embodies a number of refinements of design in its electrical equipment, all of which is mounted beneath the underframe to give the maximum accommodation for passengers.

The means of supplying current to the track has been simplified and operating costs have been reduced by the introduction of unattended rectifier substations. The first steel tank rectifier was installed in 1931 and the first glass bulb rectifier in 1932. When schemes now in hand are completed all converting plant installed before the amalgamation will have been displaced. The modernisation of the company's generating station at Stonebridge Park was put in hand in 1938.

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