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A Record of Large-Scale Organisation and Management,


In this account of the organisation and management of the L.M.S. over 23 years little has been said about the work the company undertook during the war. This has been deliberate for the aim has been to describe in handy form the methods used in bringing to a high state of efficiency the country's premier transport system, and separate records of the war period are being published. Nor has much been said about the future. The company is at present, like most other industrial undertakings, endeavouring with the limited means at its disposal to restore the public services from an emergency basis to a peace-time one; and at the same time it is overhauling its arrangements generally in order to take up again the improvement and development work which it has pursued since 1923. New ideas of all kinds are now in process of ¬∑being worked out for introduction as soon as conditions permit. , The expenditure involved will be very large; present schemes, including replacements, total no less than £140,000,000, but the company is confident that the public will respond to these improvements by continuing and increasing its. support. The L.M.S. exists to serve the public. That is the aim of all associated with this great venture, from the highest to the lowest, whatever form its future ownership may take.

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