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Leslie Graham Warburton
5th December 1931 - 24th February 2024 – An Appreciation

Graham Warburton sporting his trademark bunnet

Graham Warburton sporting his trademark bunnet

When you heard "All right Corporal?" it meant that Graham Warburton had arrived by your side at a LMS Society gathering, it could be on an outdoor visit, in the Dining Room of the hotel or as he passed on the way to his seat in the meeting.

Graham had been a member since 1968 or so having tried to join for a year or two; in those days you had to offer proof of researching and publishing material and/or modelling and Graham hadn't written anything. Because Roy Anderson recognised a kindred spirit regarding signalling, he was signal boxes while Graham was technical operation, sighting and appearance, they joined to make a team to create 'LMS Signalling' (OPC) and Graham was garnered for the Society.

It became obvious across time that he was a perfectionist, a great draughtsman and a diligent researcher, qualities which he showed throughout his membership. Taunton was a long way away but he was always there for meetings and happy to show off his latest researches. He was LMS through and through and had begun collecting nameplates (Jubilees in particular) in the mid 60s and ended up with a great collection. Once he'd retired his researches grew in intensity as he plugged away at the LMS records at Kew, taking advantage of the chance to digitally record anything that passed his way there (The LMS Board of Directors' Minutes being a priceless example).

Along with his wife, Pam who also attended many meetings, he continued pushing his interests to the Society's advantage whether he was with us at an exhibition, writing about LMS Signalling (many issues of LMS Journal contained a fascinating and accurate article) or speaking somewhere. He enjoyed bowls and his adventures took him (and Pam) all over the world to play, though he checked out the local railways as we all do.

He was probably the last member with experience of the LMS as a railway and will be missed for that sort of irreplaceable knowledge.

Graham passed away, peacefully, on Saturday morning 24th February 2024 with Pam at his side and with his family around him. He had been in very poor health for some time.

Noel Coates

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