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The reason why the LMS was termed the LMS was...

In December 1922 the first circular was issued by the new LMS railway and one of the first points in it is with regard to the name. The 1921 Railways Act termed the new group the "North Western, Midland and West Scottish Group". So the new board selected 'London' from the LNWR, kept the word 'Midland' and dropped 'West' from the end of the title. Cynics would say it was the first example of greater Midlandisation, others might suggest it was a suitable and succinct summary (and if you want a parallel, how the Great Northern fans must have winced at the flagrant promotion of another company's name and the subsumation of their own!) The circular was issued from Euston in December 1922 and detailed all the organisation and names of the major officers.


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